Employee leave,
as it should be

We do the heavy lifting for you and your employees, so everyone can get back to focusing on what's actually important.

Why Cocoon?

Attract and retain talent

Step up for your employees when it matters most and create an experience that shows how much you care.

Build for scale

Keep employees, HR, and managers in sync with a single source of truth and seamless integration with your payroll and HRIS.

Save costs to reinvest

Auto-recover state and insurance income to reinvest and even fund more competitive leave policies.

For your people team

We're your one stop shop for leave management. No more explaining the alphabet soup of leave laws or doing messy payroll calculations.

We handle compliance, payroll, and even automate recovery of state and insurance income.

For your employees

We get your employees time off and income without the stress. Employees never deal with government or insurance claims or worry about getting paid.

Our custom onboarding and offboarding programs ensure employees have a smooth transition.

"This is game changing awesome. I look at this and think my life will be easier some day!"
Heather Dunn
Head of People, Newfront Insurance
"You’re sleep deprived filing with the state. If you don’t, you don't get paid! Cocoon makes it simple."
Oakland, California
"A part of me died inside. You did in 45 seconds what takes 2 hours to explain."
Lindsey Sosin
Head of Benefits, Stripe